A Spell for All - Walkthrough (14.8.4)

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This non-official walkthrough was heavily influenced by the three old walkthroughs. Many parts, especially in the first chapters, are simply a copy of these, with some rearrangements in order to avoiding too much branching.

Altough it should bring you through every minor and major event in the game, I can't guarantee this walkthrough is 100% complete. I may have missed a few minor scenes and some dialogues here and there, and probably some events that seemed straightforward to me have some hidden condition I didn't notice and thus didn't write in the walkthrough. And there is always the possibility that some of the indications given are inaccurate, either because the game changed since when the first walkthrough was written, or because I misinterpreted some parts.

Remember also that the purpose of the game is to have fun. This walkthrough will guide you through all the events, but won't show you every scene with every character, because most of them have no consequence on the story. It's up to you not to neglect your slaves' sexual needs.

There are also many hidden Stones and Books in town, including all of them in here is almost impossible. Wander around, explore every house and every corner, use the Clairvoyance and Pass spells. You may find many useful things that are not written here.

Have fun!


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Charms Index

Chapter 0: Finding Your Own Path

Chapter 1: The Charm Spell

Chapter 2: Charm As If There's No Tomorrow

Chapter 3: The Seance

Chapter 4: The Ritual

Chapter 5: The Dragon Gem

Chapter 6: Davy Robbins

Chapter 7: The Demon

Chapter 8: Charm As If There's No Tomorrow - Part 2

Chapter 9: Ending The Game