Apprentice Path Walkthrough

Start at the School. Check the history classroom and pick up Mr. Beasley's paper.

Go to the Library. Talk to Ms. Titus, and then visit the Reference section. Talk to Monique and give her the paper.
She will tell you about Sir Ronald and the mansion he lives in.

Find a Taxi and visit Sir Ronald.
taxi's have a random chance to appear at places. If one is not there wander to check another rank or enter/exit a building.

Politely introduce yourself and never demand the book, and accept his apprenticeship when offered.
The option to refuse is a partly complete Conspiracy Path

Thank him, and discuss financial aid to get a Letter of Credit for $100

Use the waiting Taxi and go to Kollam Street, or directly to the shopping center.
Visit the Bank and speak to Ellie the bank teller and open an account. Give her the letter of credit and visit the Manager Kristin to be advanced $100.

NOTE: So long as you have less than $20 on you when you see Sir Roland, he'll give you another letter of credit. You can deposit up to $200 in the bank. At a later point in the game this account limit can be raised, of if enough days pass (1 month).

Go to school and talk to Beasley about magic stones. You could optionally first visit the Library and talk to Monique.

Two slightly different versions here - Kate can be either in the park or on the park bridge. The event is otherwise identical
Talk to Kate (do not leave without talking to her!!!!)
Be nice and offer to study with her
Be nasty and get a extra old stone later, but this locks out all events for her, except charming her (say the study event below will not happen)

The walkthrough from here assumes you are nice to Kate

Go to the park and take the kite from the tree and pick-up the string
Go to the wild ranges and get your first old stone. Explore the stones.

Go to the Library and study with Kate. The answers are
Spoiler for Hidden:
Square 70
Circle 24
Triangle 29
To get the best ending with Kate make sure to stare at her breasts.

Go home, answer the telephone for a radio quiz. A puzzle is randomly asked, the answer is
Spoiler for Hidden:
Animals llama
Maths . as in a decimal point
Fishing 3
There is no reason to fail this aside from seeing some minorly different events, it will delay getting the magnet for a while. The delivery girl can still be 'gotten' by visiting her at the TV Station

Go to Yoolaroo Dr (via the alley) and visit the Granger house. Talk or not to Mrs Granger (you can do this later if desired, see later (MG) for details)
Visit Kate, chat with her, bet her about Bruce Lee. the answer is Game of Death. Note getting it wrong has some nice images too!

Find a taxi and go to see Sir Ronald and give him the stone. Learn "Tuo Duo", the clairvoyance spell.
He will ask you to find a lost key

Take the waiting taxi to the Library, and go to the office where the crash occurred.
Talk to Tess Adams and ask for help to decipher a spell. Learn "Serphoni", the Pass spell to walk though walls.

Go to the School, then the Park and the Wild Ranges and use your stone.
As needed through-out the game return here to use any stones found.
A ghost will appear, follow it to the school, your street and then to a side alley. Watch the ghost walk through the wall.
Cast Pass to enter the Hidden Room, and learn "Dai Chu", the Charm spell. (Note: Kate leaves her home now)
When mana permits cast Clairvoyance for some insight into the statue (it is also needed for a later event)

Leave the Hidden Room (optional, you can do this later) Cast Clairvoyance to see the grate, with a key in it.

Return to the Granger house, and talk to Mrs Granger (MG).
Two mutually exclusive alternatives (first is preferable)

Note: from here things can be a little variable, for instance I commonly charm Mrs Granger here, but the original author of this walk-through does Madison

Also you should consider getting the "Manipulative Charms" training before charming Mrs Granger, but it it optional. To learn it here you need to charm Madison AND Tess first.

Return home and visit your mother and she will give you some cash, also talk to your sister Tracy for some insight.

(assuming you answered the radio quiz correctly)
Answer the door, it is a delivery girl with your prize, a stereo system
Ask Madison inside, she will trip and break the speaker of the stereo. Pick up the magnet and use it.
You can Charm Madison now!
Use the magnet to create a String & Magnet, leave your house, go to the alley. If you have not before, cast Clairvoyance.
Use the String & Magnet to get the Rusty Key

Find a taxi to go see Sir Ronald and give him the key. He will give you the Aftane
Remember, about the Letters of Credit, so make sure you only have enough money to get there and back. so he will give you another letter of credit!

To use money, the New Age store at the shopping center sells Rustic Stones (depends on you current Mana level), and the General Shop sells a few items, including a paperweight containing an Old Stone. By visiting Sir Ronald repeatedly you can buy all items and multiple stones from the New Age Shop, then go to the wild ranges and use them.

Go back to Yoolaroo Dr and visit the Granger house, and charm Mrs. Granger.
There are 3 variations of this process
- leave immediately after casting the spell for a minimal effect (don't, as you forfeit a stone BUT it adds some variations to her events and images)
- wait for her to strip, the basic charm effect, she is a slave to you, a loving MILF slave
- order her to strip and tell her she is a slut. She will be your Slut MILF
The actual differences of these are mainly in the charm process itself, but there are minor changes elsewhere.
Ask her for an artifact, and then ask her to explore the wild ranges.

Walk back to the School and visit Mr Beasley's office.
Pick up the address to the Robbins house, listen to and delete the message. If you do not then female players will be unable to charm Mr Beasley later.
(optionally now) Cast Pass to get another stone.

Go to the wild ranges and meet Mrs Granger for some sexy times.
Use your new stone to get some mana.

Return to Yoolaroo Dr and the Granger House and talk to Mrs Granger and ask for anything she found. She will also tell you about the secret tunnel from the Wild Ranges to the Sacred Grove and then to Sir Roland's Mansion. You can now just walk there.

Go to the library, visit Tess, charm her.
If mana permits, ask her to get Ms Titus into her office, charm Ms Titus
If mana permits, ask Ms Titus to close the library, visit Monique and charm her. Ask Monique to look for magic for you
Visit Tess and tell her to go to your home. If you have not charmed Ms Titus and Monique it will be quite a while before you can. It is strongly advised to charm them now

Male Players ONLY
Speak to Ms. Titus and take the scroll she offers, and learn "Unstr Hun", the Possession spell.

Go to Town Hall, and speak to Angela asking all questions until she tells you to contact the police about the things she has seen
Charm Angela, once charmed there are two options
Ask Angela to see the mayor.

Visit the Police station and charm Chief Kerry Batton.
(Optionally) visit the Jail Cells and charm Officer Becky Smith after yelling for someone.

Walk back to the park and on the pathway talk to the girl there, Debra Kelly, and get her address

Continue to the Wild Ranges and enter the tunnel and visit Sir Ronald. No special need for this, but you will find a stone in the Sacred Grove and can get more money from Sir Ronald.

Walk/ride a taxi back to your street, Kollam St, and visit the Kelly House
Talk to Janet Kelly until she does not want to talk to you more.
Charm Janet Kelly, there are two variations

Leave Janet and return home. Visit your bedroom and talk to Tess.
Ask her to find you more magic (she leaves your bedroom)
(Optionally) Put the book down, you find a stone, pick it up and the book

Go to the Broken Inn Hotel, the order of things here are optional
- Talk to Davy, he leaves the Hotel
- Introduce yourself to the girl Jesse

- In the Bar, use the Hotel Plans
For the cupboard puzzle the answer is
Spoiler for Hidden:
neo one - a trick type one word
information, 3 letters bookkeeper
natural state balance
Learn the spell "Dert Pher" - Wealth.

Cast clairvoyance to discover a hidden room and cast Pass (or just cast Pass)
Talk to Jessica the Witch. When talking if you ask to help her then images change for the better.

- Talk to the barmaid Bambi. Give her $100 and for some bonus images and additional $50. Whatever you give her will be returned once you charm her
Charm Bambi

- Talk to Tess, and do the Gold Worm puzzle. Answer is
Spoiler for Hidden:
Maths 16/Y but also 20/U
Number Sequence 13112221

- Again take Bambi to her room, have sex and get the stone. Ask her everything.

- (Optional, can be done anytime) go charm Donna at the pool

Go to the Kelly's House and ask about seances, then go to the Library and ask Monique about seances, and get the article

Return to the Hotel and speak to Jesse, ask her to go to the secret room. Do the seance. The event here is linear, just ask everything.
EXCEPT: if you were nice to Jessica there is a question 'Check why Jessica called out' this is optional. Do select it to allow bondage scenes for Jessica

Important: You MUST have the Aftane or else Kurndorf will possess you, and the game is over
Kurndorf will teach you a ritual to do in exchange for being taught a spell, it requires
Salt, Chalk, Candles, A Quartz Crystal, A lock of your hair, a dagger, a chalice, a human skull and some hemlock

Go to the school and visit the history classroom and talk to Monique (requires you to have charmed Monique and asked her to look for magic)

There's chalk in the Teacher's lounge. Optionally cast Clairvoyance for $20
Return to your home to get some salt
Go to the shops, and visit the New Age shop, talk to the owner and buy the Crystal and Candles.
Buy scissors in the general store and use them to get a lock of your hair. The scissors have no further use, drop them in your bedroom the next time you are there.

Talk to Tess at the Shopping Center, and tell her to ask her husband about more magical items.
At the Adams home first ask John Adams about magic items and tell Tess to get the ring for you.
(Optional) Female Player: Charm John Adams
Tell John Adams to find Davy Robbins. Ask Tess to return to your bedroom
From here you can visit Tess in your bedroom to play but she will also give you a lift anywhere in her car, a one way trip

Go to the school and the history classroom. Keep reading until you find the stone and extra notes. This can take a few tries as there is a chance the new pages will appear, it is not automatic.
Go to the Library and tell Ms Titus.

Go to the Library and speak to Monique and ask about magic gems
Go to Yoolaroo Dr and visit Mrs Granger. ask her to find you a Dragon Gem
Walk to the Museum and look around and find Mrs Granger
Note: there are a few resolutions here, what is listed is the best path to progress Kate's story and get a new slave
Try to pick up the Dragon Vase
Tell Mrs Granger to attack the guard, she is shot! and you are arrested. You no longer have the book

Help DA White and either tell her Sir Ronald gave it to you or charm her, either way you are free
OR (not advised)
you can go to the cells, call for Becky, charm her if she is not already and ask her to take out DA White. She will kill DA White, and be badly injured. Call for an ambulance. You can visit her at the hospital to charm a nurse.

Ask where the book is (DA White or Chief Batton)

Important: you must have learnt the training "defending yourself with magic" or have Gina's Necklace or have Pamela's Bracelet or you will be charmed and it is game over
Go to the school and visit Mr Beasley. Watch the scene until you can pick up the book. Use the silver ring to free Amy and Catherine.

Go to Yoolaroo Dr and visit the Granger house, Kate will be home and tell you Mrs Granger is in hospital.
Comfort her and free her with the silver ring.
You are now in her empty bedroom (or go there) and use Clairvoyance to find a photo album, read it
Use Clairvoyance again and read the second album

Avoid any further meetings with Kate until you are ready for the final confrontation with Davy. You can meet her at the park entrance. Do not approach her until ready, or talk to her and tell her to go home. The event is not timed

Go to the hospital and try to visit Mrs Granger, you cannot yet (timed event, she remain there until you pick up the Vase again)

Return to Yoolaroo Dr and visit the Robbins house.

The resolution here differs for male and female players but some parts are common, and all are similar

- enter the house and talk to Mrs Robbins
- cast the spell Pass to enter Davy Robbins room (you can get a clue to do this by casting Clairvoyance)
- search the mess to find his laptop computer
- The password for the computer is
Spoiler for Hidden:
What is at the beginning of eternity... "e"
Complete this line... "but I wont do that"
Complete this title "Enter..." "Sandman"
- learn the spell "Shio Stin Mur" - Teleport.

Male Player - You must have the Silver Ring to do much here
Talk to her, until she tells you that she sold a blue bottle.
Use the silver ring on Mrs Robbins and then charm her.
Go check her bedroom and talk to Tina Robbins. Charm Tina and speak to her and find out she can remove spells from people

Female Player - no requirements needed, just have enough mana to cast Charm
Talk to Mrs Robbins, then either try to visit the bedroom or leave the house. Mrs Robbins will lock you in her bedroom
Talk to Tina Robbins. Charm Tina and speak to her and find out she can remove spells from people.
Ask Tina to remove the spell from her mother
Leave the bedroom and charm Mrs Robbins

Return home and tell Tracy that Davy is at his house, return to the Robbins house. Visit Tina and ask her to remove the spell from Tracy
Return home again and speak to your mother about news around town

Go see Sir Roland, and confess what happened at the Seance. Be honest. You can meet his niece Sarah at this time.
Do what Sarah asks in general, she likes to be in charge, especially of her maid. When you leave the mansion Lauren will approach you, go upstairs and check the bathroom, watch, do not enter
Make sure to periodically visit to get more events with Sarah.

Go through the tunnel to the wild ranges. Dig with the shovel and you will find a table with a puzzle, the answer is a simple scrambled word
Spoiler for Hidden:
One is vain - modest
A maker - mason
A guard garlic

Enter Kurndorf's Crypt and take his skull. Pickup the Wooden Box if you like but currently this is useless in this path, it can only be used on the Murder path

Walk back to the park pathway, and talk to Jesse
- Talk with Legion (and tell her off, otherwise it's game over)

The following can happen either at the school or at the restaurant randomly (decided when you start the game)
Go to the school/restaurant and Miss Logan will be there asking about a project. This is a timed event, if you do not answer you will be selected for the Neurology assignment (and never see her again)
Ask to do the reproductive assignment.
After some time (based on visits to key locations) you can return and study her ass off (and charm her)

Female Players
Visit Mr Beasley and he will offer to teach you a spell for $100. When you have the money do so and learn  "Unstr Hun", the Possession spell

Go home, listen to the phone message - you can now go see the Mayor to charm her

Gina the Museum Guard
Have the mayor close the museum
Visit the museum and get the lock of blonde hair and her address
Go to the Sacred Grove and Possess Gina
Check the message then visit the bathroom. Remove the necklace. Optionally look in the mirror
Dispossess Gina
If you have the mana, repossess her for a bonus scene
Now visit her home on Rathdown Rd and charm Gina
Get the Silver Necklace from the Bathroom
Optional: instead after possessing Gina visit the Mayor and have her re-open the museum. Visit Gina's house and get the necklace. Go to museum and charm Gina

Tracy will tell you that Mum wants to see you, visit her and then visit your guest in the lounge room.
Make sure to ask Jess what she did to your Mum, otherwise ask what she is here and what she wants until she asks you to find the Catholic Relic.

Go talk to the New Age store owner for some information on the relic

Return home and visit your Mother for a masturbation scene. If you want to persue incest with your mother choose to quietly close the door. If you do not then close the door embarrassed

At this point you can choose to charm your sister Tracy, there are two variations
- reassure Tracy that you love her as her brother/sister - this is not non-incest option, she will be aroused but nothing more
- tell Tracy that you love her as a man/woman - you will become lovers with sex scene

The following can be split over time based on visits back home or just kill some time.
If you become lovers with Tracy wait a few turns (wander around a little) and visit your mother for another masturbation scene.
Wait a few more turns and visit your mother again. She will confront you about Tracy, two choices
- We are Lovers
   Then two choices
   "Mum, Jesse affected you, try to resist it" - ends all sexual situations with your mother
  "We all feel <i>odd</i> in that way" - continues the events (none yet)
- any of the other choices - nothing more will happen with your mother

Take a taxi to the Church "Lady of our Heavenly Father" (or get a lift with Tess, or Teleport).
Go inside and try and pick up the Chalice. The Mother Superior will stop you. Also try to walk to the cloisters and down the stairs
Leave the church, walk round the outside to meet the groundskeeper Pamela
Charm Pamela and ask about the relic, and find out how to enter the church
Have sex again with Pamela again to be given her bracelet

Go into the church courtyard and meet Sister Desiree.
Request absolution, then Charm the Sister. Ask her about the relic, and she'll go try to get it for you.

DO NOT visit Davy at the Hotel yet
Visit the hotel and go to the cellar and speak to Kurndorf to learn the spell "Dest" - invisibility

Return to the school and have an Anatomy lesson! Charm Miss Logan if you wish (no requirement in the game to do so)

Return to the Church Courtyard. Your disciple has failed,
Tell her to bring you a personal item from the Mother Superior

Waste some time visiting key locations, notably go see Monique in the Library.

Then back to the Church. The Mother is ill, so nothing stops you getting the chalice. Talk to your disciple to get the rosary, and to learn where there is Hemlock.

Go down the stairs at the back of the church into the Church Stores . Get the dagger.
Go into the catacombs. Do not get the skull there. Cast "Clairvoyance" to find the secret tunnel, then Pass to get out and enter the graveyard.
Note: this passage can be found from the Graveyard end via similar spells in a different combination

Go to the Wild Ranges and get some hemlock, then go to the hotel cellar and visit Kurndorf
Place all items on the altar and do the ritual.
(end of Kurndorf events for now, the crystal has no effect at this time)

Go to the mansion and see Sir Ronald, visit Sarah

Then to the Sacred clearing, and case Possession using the rosary on the Mother Superior.
Cast Clairvoyance for find her secret room and the relic
Go to the courtyard and speak to Sister Desiree and give her the relic
End the Possession spell (click on the image in the upper left of the screen)

Travel to the Church and visit the courtyard and Sister Desiree, ask her if the Mother Superior gave her anything
Get the relic from her

Go to your home and listen to the message from Jesse
If you have not yet, buy some Holy Water from the New Age Shop

Go to the Broken Inn Hotel room 113 the Relic and the Holy Water
- DO NOT give the Relic to Legion, yet. Tell her to play with her pet a bit.
- While she is distracted, anoint the Relic.
- WITHOUT LEAVING THE ROOM, give the anointed Relic to Jesse.
The Demon Legion is defeated
Jesse is dispossessed but very ill, you can visit Room 113 to play with the Thrall as you like. At this time Jesse will not recover

Return to the hospital and speak to Mrs Granger and find out about the Vase. Also check at the Police Station

Simplest path now
Visit the Town Hall,  ask the Mayor to close the Museum
Visit the museum and visit the safe and pickup the Vase
Leave the museum and go to the Shopping Center
If you see John Adams speak to him
Visit the Mechanic's Shop and give Hannah the Vase
Ask her to break it
(Optionally) Visit Monique for some help and bonus image
Examine the Gem and click on the larger image of the gem to learn the spell (or get Monique to help)
You now know "Neo One" Shielded charm

Now it is time to take out Davy

Kate should be at the park pathway, meet her and use the silver ring
Tell her to wail
- tell her you will protect her and offer the necklace - you must have Pamela's Bracelet or bad things will happen
- tell her you love her, and embrace her
Any other options here (letting her leave etc) will mean she leaves to confront Davy and will leave town. You can charm her but no other resolution

Go to the Hotel
If you embraced Kate or gave her the necklace
Stop Kate (timed event, 1 action) and make a plan
Pick one you like (personally I like the Bambi version)
Let Kate smack him around or use the Silver Ring or Blue Bottle
Davy is defeated and Kate is your ally or lover

If you pissed her off at any time or chose the wrong option
Enter the room with Davy (you may need to first speak to Bambi)
Use the Silver Ring or Blue Bottle
If you want to charm Kate, select the option "Ungrateful Bitch"
Get Bambi to take care of Davy
Teleport to Yoolaroo Dr and go to Kate's Bedroom
If you know the invisibility spell cast it and use the wait option
Otherwise make some space and hide
Do not look at the albums, you must of previously found them
When Kate returns cast Charm on her. Two variations, lover and slave

You can revisit Davy in room 110 for some sexy times (more if you are female)

When you visit Sarah Gates she will tell you she is nervous at night and a vampyre is around.

To get the vampyre
- you must have in your inventory either the Rosary or Pamela's Bracelet
- give Sarah the Book
- wait for darkness

After telling Sarah you will help her DO NOT leave, or at least do not be gone when night falls. If night falls without you there the Vampyre will take Sarah and you will get a game over if you visit

Additional People to Charm
The following people can be charmed at any point, some require you to know Shielded Charm

Hotel Pool, as mentioned before you can charm her when you like

At the park pathway, Charm her using Shielded Charm.
At the park you can ask her to fetch a stone (a timed event)
You can take her 'walkies'
You can walk her home to her house with Janet

The girl at the Aquarium information desk, you must have Shielded Charm. Make sure to watch her strip tease fully, and pay attention to her story
Once charmed you can talk to her about the Dragon Gem for a scene at the Mechanics Shop
After you cast Clairvoyance in the Hidden Room you can also ask her to move the Dragon Gem to the Hidden Room

The Mechanics Shop, charm using Shielded charm

There is a variation where you can wait for the demon to be defeated and ask Hannah to free Jessica. You can during this charm Hannah.

Restaurant Waitress, charm anytime after buying the bratwurst

charm any time

Nurse Sandra and Nurse Megan
charm as you like, need Shielded Charm for Megan

Ellie and Carol
Try using charm on her, then visit the Bank Manager Kristin
Charm Kristin using Shielded Charm
Ask Kristin to increase you back account limit
Ask Kristin to close the bank (one-off cannot be done again)
Visit Ellie at home on Dervish St
Talk to her mother
several versions open here depending on your answer
- I'm from the Bank
go to the park and see Ellie there, talk to her or use the silver ring. Follow her to Davy's Room or Kristin's home and charm her there

Visit Ellie at home to charm her mother Carol

- I'm selling subscriptions
visit Kristin and have her visit Carol.
Wait a little and charm Carol
visit Ellie in the swimming pool, charm her

Mr Beasley
You can charm him IF you know the training "masculine charms". Some options open up once you do so, related to Amy and Catherine. He will also teach the Possession spell to you for free.

Mrs Tanika
Mrs Tanika will appear in the Teachers Lounge after you have charmed the Mayor. She can be charmed with the base charm spell.
There are two variations
- "You look troubled can I help you?" - lover
- "Slap Her" and then "She is your slave" - slave
- "Slap Her" and then "She is your fuck-toy" - fuck-toy
The last two will have her sent to your home and she will be in your bedroom

Louise (the General Shop)
When you visit the General Shop and you have less than $20 on you Leanne will ask you to look after the shop for her. Agree and do not take the money
Later when you return Leanne will have left and Louise will be tending the store, you may charm her once you learn Shielded Charm

Leanne will also leave the shop once the Demon is loose in the town.

After the Seance Leanne leaves the general store, or otherwise after the event where you mind the store. She leaves to visit her parents graves at the Graveyard.

The demon will take her as a thrall and you can meet her there as a thrall. As of version 14.4 it does not matter if you 'take' her there, but she will be offended once you free her if you do.

Follow the normal events to get the relic, and you will meet the thrall Leanne in the Mother Superior's room. You must take her, otherwise she is unsavable.

After the possession speak to the New Age Store owner. If you have not yet cast Clairvoyance in the Hidden Room.

Defeat the demon and have the relic.

Speak to Victoria
You need the Dragon Gem, so follow that arc, and charm Abby. Do her event for the Gem and have it moved to the Hidden Room
Learn the training "Precise Transitions" and attune the hexagram in the Hidden Room

Speak to Ms Jones at the school and get instructions

Now visit the Mother Superior's room in person and teleport Leanne out of there and save her
optional, leave the relic somewhere and the thrall will run away to Leanne's house. You can get the Vampyre later to drag her back to the Hidden Room if you have the relic

Wait a couple of days and visit Leanne. You can now charm her

Mother Superior
After you free Leanne, you MUST have learned the augmented hypnosis training. This will probably have to have been learned earlier, as often there is insufficient points remaining to learn it now

Possess the Mother superior again and do the naughty things, pick the right order and you can do two of them.

Now visit her in your own body, and hypnotise her, then cast Shielded Charm

Mother and Gabby
- Mom will give you a phone-call 1 day after leaving for work, asking you for clothes.
- You can collect those in her bedroom.
- You have to "give" the suitcase to Mom at the TV station, the following scene changes a little the longer you wait.
- Nina will give you hints what to do next, but she is not necessary.
- "Pass" into the studio at night, Listen in on Mom and Gabby (Again, the scene changes when you wait for 2 days after Mom's call, on murder path you are able to watch both)
- Visit Gabby's office to learn about the next step.

Murder Path
- Find out more about the necklace from Mr Beasley, Slave Sarah or Adele Ross.
- Mom and Gabby leave the office.
- Visit Gabby's home on Amaranth PL, but get help beforehand (Lilith or Tina)
- Talk to Gabby and let her Hypnotize you (bad end) or have your helper take care of her.
- Go downstairs and either charm or Free Mom.

Charmed Path
- Talk to either Sarah Gates or Mayor Thomas (If charmed)
- Sarah will give you everything you need but wants something in Return, Mayor Thomas will help you, but you need extra information from Beasley or Adele
- Navigate the conference, speak with people (Changes depending on who is helping you, Julie is not charmable in this version)
- Charm Gabby
- Go to Amaranth PL to free Mom

- You can "use" the necklace to free her, or "charm" to claim her yourself.
- Mom defaults to a minimal, sex free charm, unless you pick the right answers:
Go all the way
I think you are very sexy
I can't help it, you keep teasing me/so was watching me and tracy
Having needs is not "bad"
Kids who have become attractive Grown ups
Ask her to undress
Do you like it when me and Tracy look at you?
Assure her she is in charge.

If you miss the 5 days deadline or Gabby gets wind of your actions and escapes, you can see mom's fate via hydromancy after talking to Tracy.
If Gabby is mom's servant and Mom charmed, she visits on weekends.

Return back to the game